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November 2015
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What Do Braces Look Like?

Great TeethBraces before and after can be a strange thing. You didn’t have anything on your teeth and now you do. It is important to have the braces on though even if they feel strange because they can help you with your bite, make your teeth more straight, and help with the aesthetics of your teeth. Once you get them off, you will feel like a whole new other you.

The braces colors that you choose should reflect who you are. You shouldn’t get colors that you won’t like in the end. As far as colors go, there are more than 20 different colors to choose from.

For girls, you should choose colors like pink and purple or pink and green. If you don’t want something bright, you could try light blue and light pink.

For guys, popular colors are those of their favorite sports team. Guys also look good with navy and blue or red and green.

Top Three Highly Paying Options In Criminal Justice

jobs with criminal justice degreeLawyers
In the criminal justice system, lawyers are the top paid professionals. They work as defense attorney and prosecutors. As defense attorneys, they are responsible for the presentation of cases against suspects and defending them against charges placed on them. The highest paying jobs in this area are in private defense firms. However, it requires a law degree with specialization in criminal justice and a pass of the bar exam within your area of jurisdiction to practice criminal law.

Magistrates and judges
Judges and magistrates are the second well compensated professionals in the criminal justice industry. They preside over hearings and trials with an aim of rendering fair judgments and decisions that have an effect on the criminal justice sector. They promulgate criminal sentences, allow presentation of evidence in courts and issue warrants where possible causes exist. Though not required in all states, judges or magistrates ought to have worked as lawyers.

Forensic psychologists
Forensic scientists or psychologists are the third highly paid specialists in criminal justice careers. They use their human behavior knowledge to assist legal service providers and law enforcers to derive useful information from criminals or suspects. Jobs in criminal justice as forensic jobs require a degree certificate in psychology among other social sciences.